Navigating Disaster Responder Laws Across the United States by Role, Jurisdiction, and Topic

All laws are current through at least February 2023.

ELI Disaster

Emergency Law Inventory

Laws Impacting Emergency Responders

Understanding liability, licensure, scope of practice, workers’ benefits, and protections from threats:

Navigating laws in emergency situations

Liability ELI disaster


Will I be legally responsible if I hurt someone or damage property?

License Reciprocity


Will I be able to provide disaster response services without additional credentialing?

Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice

What can and can't I do in another jurisdiction?

threats icon

Workers’ Benefits

What if I am injured while providing disaster response services? What happens to my job if I am deployed?

ELI disaster protection

Protections from Threats

Will I be protected if I am threatened while providing disaster response services?

About the project

The Emergency Law Inventory identifies and summarizes over 1800 laws that are important to emergency responders.

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